“Chiropractic Medicine” ??

JCMcoverPlusIn March 2002 the 1st Issue of the new “Journal of Chiropractic Medicine ” was published.  (note spelling on cover)

In 2011, Dr. Winterstein expanded his vision in a speech before the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards.  He clearly stated that “Real Doctors give drugs …” and asked what would be wrong with following the path of the Osteopaths.

The Concept of “Chiropractic Medicine” was attempted in the early-nineties when Western States Chiropractic College announced the intention to develop a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine degree.  The concept faced much resistance in the profession and failed to get any immediate traction.  National joined the effort in the late nineties and today, these two educational institutions have become the leading advocates for prescription drug rights.

With less that a combined 10% market share in chiropractic education, these two institutions have dominated control of the profession’s accreditation body ( CCE )  for at least two decades, and have influenced the evolution of the educational standards in what many perceive as an attempt to advance their agenda.