2010: The Second ( and still ) Unlawful Formulary

ChiroAdvFormulary-2010At the first quarter meeting of the New Mexico Medical Board in February 2010 the New Mexico Medical Board agreed on a Chiropractic Formulary that would be acceptable.  All injectables were excluded, certain hormones were approved for topical, sublingual and oral administration, certain vitamins were approved for oral use only and finally certain prescription medications for pain were approved for topical application only.

Most of the Formulary approved by the New Mexico Board of Chiropractic Examiners in 2010, was as agreed to with the Medical Board (although Vitamins were excluded from the approved formulary), however after hearing complaints from several DCs during the meeting the following items for injection were added to the formulary:

“E.    Homeopathics requiring prescription

F.    Other substances by injection

(1)   sterile water
(2)   sterile saline
(3)   sarapin or its generic
(4)   caffeine
(5)   procaine HCL
(6)   epinephrine
(7)   homeopathic for injection

G.    Glutathione for inhalation”

None of these additions were approved by the New Mexico Medical Board and this formulary is therefore not compliant with the requirements of the statutes .